Thursday, April 16, 2009

Conficker virus test and worm continues to evolve

Here is a simple test to see if you have the Conficker worm virus, also known as Downadup, Kido. This worm that blocks access to more than 100 anti-virus and security websites. If you find that you are blocked from loading the remote images on the top table of those antivirus websites but not blocked from loading the images on the second row, chances are your Windows XP or Vista PC could be infected with the Conficker worm. For more information on this test, please visit The H security.
Back on April 1, 2009, the Conficker worm was meant to bring the Internet to its knees, but it did not turn out to be as bad as that. The virus continues to evolve in ways that have left security experts wondering what is going on, and what the worm’s maker’s goals could be.
Business Week said that just yesterday Symantec and Trend Micro issued an updated report of the Conficker worm. Symantec said that the most recent modifications to the worm, also known as W32.Downadup had given itself instructions to disable itself on May 3.

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